Sunday, November 8, 2009

Parents As Teachers: Thank You!

Parents As Teachers celebrates it's 25th birthday this year. The amazing story and more details about this wonderful organization can be found here. (There is a contest for a great prize at the end of this post.)

As a late-in-life first time mom, I truly appreciated the services offered by my local Parents As Teachers organization. At the insistence of a caring friend whose child was also in Parents As Teachers, I enrolled in the program right away after the birth of my son. A wonderful parent educator, Ms. Kathy, was selected at random and started her home visits when he was about 3 months old.

Ms. Kathy at that time had over 15 years experience as a Parents As Teachers parent educator. Though my background and training is in adult and secondary education, she taught me a great deal about early childhood learning through our three years in the Parents as Teachers program.

Parents As Teachers continued to offer excellent services even after our son turned 3 years of age. The sharp observations of the the certified professionals at John Cary Early Childhood Center and Ms. Kathy's concise home visit reports ensured our son would continue his services through Kindergarten.

Not only did we receive parent educator visits and early childhood education services through our local Parents As Teachers program, unlike other communities, we have a mothers' networking group. For over 20 years, the membership-based Mehlville Organization for Mothers’ Support (MOMS) Club offers a nurturing, caring, networking community for those of us enrolled in our local Parents As Teachers programs. Immediately I recognized the value of this group and was an active participant and loyal member in MOMS Club.

If your children are in their preschool ages or you have a friend who is pregnant or has very young children, I encourage you to reach out to the Parents as Teachers program in your community. These services are free for everyone.

I can't say enough about my wonderful experiences with Parents As Teachers.

Thank you, Parents As Teachers!

To show my appreciation for all that Parents As Teachers has done for me and my child, I'm giving away a SimplyFun item to followers. Enter this SimplyFun prize drawing by answering the following Parents As Teachers trivia question.

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In what USA state did Parents As Teachers begin 25 years ago?