Sunday, November 8, 2009

Parents As Teachers: Thank You!

Parents As Teachers celebrates it's 25th birthday this year. The amazing story and more details about this wonderful organization can be found here. (There is a contest for a great prize at the end of this post.)

As a late-in-life first time mom, I truly appreciated the services offered by my local Parents As Teachers organization. At the insistence of a caring friend whose child was also in Parents As Teachers, I enrolled in the program right away after the birth of my son. A wonderful parent educator, Ms. Kathy, was selected at random and started her home visits when he was about 3 months old.

Ms. Kathy at that time had over 15 years experience as a Parents As Teachers parent educator. Though my background and training is in adult and secondary education, she taught me a great deal about early childhood learning through our three years in the Parents as Teachers program.

Parents As Teachers continued to offer excellent services even after our son turned 3 years of age. The sharp observations of the the certified professionals at John Cary Early Childhood Center and Ms. Kathy's concise home visit reports ensured our son would continue his services through Kindergarten.

Not only did we receive parent educator visits and early childhood education services through our local Parents As Teachers program, unlike other communities, we have a mothers' networking group. For over 20 years, the membership-based Mehlville Organization for Mothers’ Support (MOMS) Club offers a nurturing, caring, networking community for those of us enrolled in our local Parents As Teachers programs. Immediately I recognized the value of this group and was an active participant and loyal member in MOMS Club.

If your children are in their preschool ages or you have a friend who is pregnant or has very young children, I encourage you to reach out to the Parents as Teachers program in your community. These services are free for everyone.

I can't say enough about my wonderful experiences with Parents As Teachers.

Thank you, Parents As Teachers!

To show my appreciation for all that Parents As Teachers has done for me and my child, I'm giving away a SimplyFun item to followers. Enter this SimplyFun prize drawing by answering the following Parents As Teachers trivia question.

Send me a direct message with your answer, which can be easily found by clicking the Parents As Teachers link above. Earn more entries in the drawing by posting this contest on Twitter with a @socdirector mention. Invite others to read and join this blog for additional entries in the contest. Good Luck!

In what USA state did Parents As Teachers begin 25 years ago?

Monday, October 5, 2009

What Will You Be for Halloween?

As direct sales/party plan business owners, we all wear different “hats” in our businesses: Consultant, Leader, Salesperson, Teacher, etc. So this Halloween season, to have a little fun, do the TWIST and look at the kind of costumes you can wear to add more sweet successes and juicy profits to your business:


Be a Witch by asking customers:

  • Witch date do you want?
  • Witch product did you like the best?
  • Witch host gift do you want at your house?
  • Witch of my company benefits appeal to you most?
  • Witch payment plan works best for you - retail, wholesale


Let your customers know:

  • Owl call you back when you ask
  • Owl give product demonstrations to educate and entertain your friends
  • Owl work with you to have the best home party you’ve ever had
  • Owl show you how you can make money, not just qualify for gifts
  • Owl provide an extra service to you by mailing written invitations to your party


  • Cat you see how lucky you are to have me as a Consultant?
  • Cat you host a holiday party?
  • Cat you come to a BOO (Business Opportunity/Ownership) meeting with me?
  • Cat you bring a guest to the party?
  • Cat you increase your paycheck anytime you want to?

Spider Web

  • Web's be business partners
  • Web’s schedule a party for Halloween
  • Web’s get a head start on holiday shopping

Don’t be spooked when it comes to talking to your customers! Connect with them and explain the treats you offer at your home parties! Get out and HOWL about what people will WIN when they book a party with you.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Business Sponsoring Recipe for Direct Sales & Party Planners

There are lots of ideas floating around the industry created by successful direct sales/party plan professionals long before I began my career in this industry. Over the next several posts, I’m going to share ideas you can implement this Halloween season to help you boost your direct sales/party plan business.

Here’s a fun way to present your company’s business opportunity during the Halloween season. Everyone loves to eat, and most of us want more money, especially around the holidays. This is a sponsoring recipe you can use at your parties – even though your products may have nothing to do with food preparation.

“We All Win” Snack Mix


2 c candy corn

1 c salted peanuts

1 c M&Ms plain chocolate candy

1 c any O’s cereal (Cheerios or Apple Jacks)


  • Combine all ingredients into large bowl.
  • Mix well.
  • Scoop ¼ to ½ cup of the snack mix into small food-safe Halloween theme bag and seal with a twist tie.
  • Give as a take-home treat with a sponsoring flyer or brochure.
  • Give only to those who are curious about learning more or anyone you feel would make a great consultant.

Explain the snack mix like this:

Are you mixed up wondering how you’re going to pay for holiday gifts this year, a new car, kids’ clothes, etc.? Here’s a mix that could be the answer.

If you like to have fun and are a little “nutty” [peanuts], consider beginning your own business with [company]. You can decide how many zeroes [Cheerios or Apple Jacks] you want in the dollar part of your profit and commission checks: 100, 1,000, 10,000, etc.

In a direct selling home party business, you’ll be able to Make Money [M&Ms] at least three ways: [show candy corn with the three colors and apply specifically to your three business levels].

  1. The base of your business is the profit you earn on the sales at each of your home parties.
  2. Next is sponsoring other people to begin their own business and join your team of representatives.
  3. For those who want to “point” their way to the top, you have a higher earning potential as a leader with XXX [company].

If you’re curious about TWISTING your mix up into money, let’s get together so I can tell you about more xxx [company] treats!

Notice how the word “curious” is used rather than interested. Most people are not interested until they have more information. They request more information when their curiosity is aroused.

Now go find some curious people with whom to share your mix – and the business opportunity!

Source: The idea mentioned in this post originated in an email message from The Success Factory. The information shared on these daily emails is compiled by four experts in the direct sales/party plan industry: Teresa Garrison, Robin Early, Dede Gruenberg, and Judy Jones. Their desire and passion for making a difference through helping others resulted in the creation of The Success Factory. With over 80 years combined experience, The Success Factory is a valuable reference tool and a must read for anyone interested in growing their personal direct sales/party plan business. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your direct sales/party plan knowledge.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Networking to Grow Yourself and Your Business

Networking is defined in the as:

–noun a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest: Working mothers in the community use networking to help themselves manage successfully.

Until recently I never really realized to what degree I have been living this definition. It seems as though my lifestyle has always been about networking. Everyday when I get out and about, chat on the phone or just simply walk my neighborhood, I am networking in one form or another. It’s so simple that we never really even realized that what we have been doing all these years is networking until someone in the professional world put a label on it.

As a business owner, I suppose I’ve always known the benefits of a more structured networking opportunities. Through the years, I’ve learned that it’s not necessary for me to pay annual membership dues to join a formal networking club. Nor do I have to succumb to the “old boys’ network” of civic and political networking. I had sampled such networking opportunities and found them to be old fashioned, expensive, regimented and somewhat limited. That is not at all what I was looking for in a networking group.

Remember the thrill you get from an amusement ride, that rush of adrenaline, the utter excitement. That is how I feel when I play an instrumental part in bringing together people who might otherwise be total strangers. Because I’m a business owner, it especially rewarding to network with other like-minded professional women.

I’m so grateful to have found The Joy of Connecting, a women networking group exclusively for women professionals and female business owners. This monthly experience has opened new doors for me with like-minded women professionals.

The Joy of Connecting is...

  • a wonderful gathering for business owners, entrepreneurs, professional women and guests. Unlike other groups, there is no membership requirement.
  • committed to spreading joy, support and genuine connections. We dedicate our open hearts to welcoming, nurturing, supporting and respecting women in all areas of their lives. This monthly gathering is different, rewarding and fun for all attendees!
  • open to any women interested in building relationships, expanding her business, promoting a cause, or helping others grow! There will be only one women per company or business category present at each gathering.
  • growing so feel free to invite your friends or forward this message to other women professionals, who also must register in advance. Registration information can be found at

Everyday I help others reconnect through healthy interactive play by sharing my business. This entrepreneurial spirit has awakened something deeper. Now, as a member of The Joy of Connecting, I am able to share the gifts of inspiration, collaboration and cooperation and link others who otherwise may have never met.

Last month was our “launch” gathering of The Joy of Connecting Saint Louis. Ten of us have embarked on a wonderful journey to healthy, happy and interactive lives in the Gateway City. There’s so much more room on our ship of dreams. Helping others is a GREAT feeling. Join us and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gather Your Family and Join National Family Game Night on September 23

Each year I discover there are designated days to celebrate some of our favorite things. Most of us can recall any number of the national holidays as declared by an act of congress (Presidents Day, third Monday in February) or those made famous by the card companies (Grandparents Day, September 13). Did you know there is a National Pancake Day (February 24)? Ever hear of National Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day (October 14)? Tell the truth... Were you aware there is a National Honesty Day (April 30)?

The one lesser-known holiday that we will celebrate in our home next week is National Family Game Night. I’ve put a big party sticker on our master calendar where Wednesday, September 23, appears. This is a firm date for me, MDH, and our preschooler. We’ll turn off the television, play some fun party music, have homemade pizza and soda (a seldom-enjoyed beverage treat). I think we may even enjoy ice cream in waffle cones; by far the most requested dessert in our house.

After dinner, each of us will choose one or two of our favorite games to play. We have a large selection of board games, card games, party games, educational games – some are American classics (Monopoly), some are brand new (Picky Sticks). If I were to count, my guess is that we have over 100 games and other fun family activities from which to choose for our family game nights. All of our game choices are a lot of fun to play or they wouldn't be in our collection. In fact, most are 30-minute play solutions so it's quick, too! You probably have your own vault of family games. So take a few out and dust them off. If you want suggestions of our favorites, just ask. I'll send you a list.

You can enjoy your own family game night with or without a national holiday. Start your own family tradition with National Family Game Night on September 23. Then revisit the concept next week, or next month, and so on. Pick the frequency best suited for your family's schedule and make it a new habit to reconnect with the people you care most about through family game time!

Get on the phone, send out invitations, and gather the entire family together for National Family Game Night. Join in on the fun with us and the rest of the nation. After you experience your first National Family Game Night, tell us your stories. I’d love to hear about how you are enjoying game time with your loved ones.

Go play!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Playing the Game Mahjong Helps Persons with Dementia

Recently a study was conducted at the City University of Hong Kong to explore the effect of an activity treatment—Mahjong—on the cognitive functioning of persons with mild-to-moderate dementia. Mahjong is The participants in this study were male and female, medium age of 84 years old, and showing mild-to-moderate signs if dementia. After 16 weeks of playing Mahjong, these persons did in deed improve their cognitive functioning.

“Regardless of frequency of playing, Mahjong produced consistent gains across all cognitive performance measures. … The effects lasted after Mahjong had been withdrawn for a month, suggesting that constant practice is not necessary to achieve therapeutic effect once an initial threshold is attained.”

Those conducting this study concluded that “Mahjong is a viable treatment option for dementia.”

They go on to recommend this form of therapy for dementia patients at the various senior communities. “Because Mahjong therapy basically does not require professional supervision and can be implemented as widely as space allows at a given time, the potential benefits of integrating Mahjong into the daily routines of an institution are enormous vis-à-vis minimal, if any, cost to the institution.”

Do you know of any senior persons who may benefit from Mahjong play? If so, consider paying a visit to that person—with of Mahjong in tow—and challenging them to a game.

There are a great many resources on the web where you may purchase the traditional Mahjong gambling game for two to four players, as imported from Central China, in various decorative cases and ornate styles. The cost of these tile games varies from $55 to $100.

There is a variation of Mahjong solitaire on sale for just $32 this month only at SimplyFun. It is one of four games on sale, our gift to customers during the SimplyFun 5th Birthday Bash. Now until August 31 you can purchase SimplyFun’s Turtlemania, a high-quality fast-paced game, based on an ancient Chinese Mahjong game, for 1 or more players ages 6 and up. Best of all, you can play Turtlemania in only 10 minutes.

Turtlemania, is a mixed up, race to the finish, speed and matching tile game not unlike those used in the study summarized above. Players race to dismantle 136 colorful and uniquely designed tiles by matching identical pairs as fast as you can. The more quickly you make matches, the more points you earn! Turtlemania normally sells for $49, but during SimplyFun’s birthday month it is only $32, a savings of $17!

Shop now at SimplyFun for Turtlemania and other fun original board games, card games, family games and party games, that offer 30-minute play solutions for the entire family.

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, a service of the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, “An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Mahjong on the Cognitive Functioning of Persons with Dementia” © 2006.

Winds of Fortune: FamilyFun Toy of the Year Finalist!

This just in! FamilyFun magazine has notified us that Winds of Fortune has been named a finalist for their upcoming Toy of the Year Award! Finalists are expected to be listed in their November 2009 issue, with the top ten announced later.

This is great exposure for SimplyFun's newest game!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two New Game Titles from SimplyFun

Original posted by W. Eric Martin on Jul 22, 2009 at 02:00 PM on

SimplyFun, the game publisher that employs [home-party] consultants to introduce its games to others, has released two new games: Head of the Herd and Winds of Fortune.

Head of the Herd, for three or more players, ages 8 and up, is a party game in the tradition of Quelf as players must follow the instructions on various cards each time while simultaneously avoiding what’s prohibited by the “Law of the Land” cards. Thus you might have to start your turn by bowing, then complete a task without using your thumbs and while having one hand on the table. Break the law, and you move closer to being eliminated from the game. Head of the Herd retails for $32.

Winds of Fortune, for 2-4 players ages 6 and up, is another entry in the gem-collecting category, but players do so by blowing on a straw to move a ship through a water-filled tray, collecting gems at the various ports they reach. While one player is imitating the North Wind, the others are rolling a die to try to stop her. Winds of Fortune retails for $34.

About SimplyFun

Based in Bellevue, WA, SimplyFun is a direct selling, home party plan company offering original, award-winning, play products for children, families, and adults. SimplyFun believes that play is absolutely essential to a happy, successful, and balanced life. SimplyFun is an active member of the Direct Selling Association. For more information on SimplyFun, its products or becoming a consultant, visit my website or call 314.640.6281.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Child's Play!

It’s Back to School, but This Year’s Most Important Lessons Will Be Learned at Home:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states the most important life skills for children to become successful and happy adults are most likely gained in a home where parents and children spend time together in play.*

Here’s what the AAP says about play:

The Trend: Less Free Time

“Currently, many schoolchildren are given less free time and fewer physical outlets at school… This trend may have implications for the social and emotional development of children and adolescents.”

The Solution: Togetherness at Home

“Children are most likely to gain essential traits… within a home in which parents and children have time to be together.”

The Best Interaction: Downtime and Play

“Some of the best interactions occur during downtime–just talking, preparing meals together, and working on a hobby or art project, playing sports together, or being fully immersed in child-centered play.”

*Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, “The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development,” January 2007

Monday, August 10, 2009

SimplyFun 5th Birthday Specials: Last 2 Days for Birthday Week - Request a Catalog

In August, SimplyFun celebrates our 5th birthday and you get the great gifts! SimplyFun's August Birthday Bash promotions are summarized below and game collection suggestions are listed based are these current promotions...

Birthday Week Specials
These specials are good August 3 – 9 Only!
PS I can still take your order; putting in a party Tuesday.
Shop now at Then email your selections to in order to take advantage of SimplyFun's August Birthday Bash offers, as these promotions are only offered when placed on a party order.

Everyday Fun Boredom Buster Ring – ONLY $5!!
(No minimum purchase required. This promo was announced to SimplyFun followers on Twitter. I'm extending this promotion to my blog followers.)

Spend $50 or more and purchase one of the following for ONLY $5:
Drive, Somethin' Fishy, or Zing.

August Birthday Month Promotions
Save on these great items now through the August 31:
Turtlemania (tabletop verson of Mahjong) $32 (save $17)
Adventures of Riley: Penguin Rescue $22 (save $10)
Kayak Chaos $19 (save $9)
Tibbar’s Everyday Big Board $17 ( save $7)

Birthday Week is a fabulous way to take advantage of these great games and fun products at drastic savings! Here are a few suggestions for your family or any gift-giving occaions to get the most for your money.

Suggestion 1
Purchase Turtlemania and Kayak Chaos = $51 $26
Then purchase Drive, Somethin' Fishy or Zing = 5 12
-------- -------
Suggestion 1 Total Savings for 3 Great Games! $56 $38

Suggestion 2
Purchase Turtlemania, Boredom Busters and Tibbar's Everyday Big Board = $54 $28
Then purchase Drive, Somethin' Fishy or Zing = 5 12
-------- -------
Suggestion 2 Total Savings for 4 Great Products! $59 $40

Suggestion 3
Purchase Little Hands/Big Smiles Value Set (4 educational puzzles: Huey,
Lady Bug, Clock & Addition), Boredom Busters & Tibbar's Everyday Big Board
= $51 $23
Then purchase Drive, Somethin' Fishy or Zing = 5 12
-------- -------
Suggestion 3 Total Savings for 7 Great Products! $54 $35

Shop now at Then email your selections in order to take advantage of SimplyFun's August Birthday Bash offers, as these promotions are only offered when placed on a party order.

Feel free to share this promotion with your fun and games loving family and friends. They'll appreciate your thoughfulness and you'll feel good about spreading the mission!

Wish list too long? I do have a few more August dates open so you can continue to celebrate SimplyFun's birthday all month long. You earn all the gifts in FREE games and other fun products. Just invite your family and friends over for some fun game play. I'll do the rest! You've never experienced a party like this before. SimplyFun is like no other company with an important mission and unique, original and heirloom quality products. Let's chat soon!

Can't decide now? Looking for holiday gift ideas? Do you want a catalog for paging through to help you decide? Send an email to with REQUEST CATALOG in the subject line. Include your complete street address and I'll send you our latest SimplyFun catalog. hanks so much for your interest in SimplyFun and promoting the importance of play!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SimplyFun Buddy Terri Kasseth Shares Her Family Game Story: How "Drive" Saved My Summer!

How Drive Saved My Summer!
submitted by Terri Kasseth

We were just about halfway through summer and 3 of my kiddos (ages 4, 6,& 8) chose to bicker constantly from sun up to sun down. Cartoons ruled my house and the kids tried to rule each other with their choice of cartoons. I was going crazy constantly breaking up fights.

One afternoon, I was on the phone losing my mind with a friend and said, "This is why God made schools, because not all mothers are intended to be with their children all day long!" It was at that moment I knew I couldn't let the next 6 weeks of my summer be this way.

The next morning we woke up and I did not allow any cartoons at all. The very first thing we did was sit down and play Drive. A wonderfully quiet, calming, and relaxing game. Everyone, even the 4 year old, understood how to play and enjoyed the game. We played for an hour. Then they ate breakfast. After breakfast the mood was cheerful and everyone enjoyed their own activities, a couple of them even played together without fighting. The routine took place each morning that week.

However, when the kids came to wake me up early they were asking to play Drive instead of watching cartoons.

The atmosphere in my house was such a dramatic change, I couldn't believe it. We now enjoy time together playing Drive each morning. My kids are happy and enjoying each other and that makes Mom very happy! Thanks SimplyFun for such a fabulous game!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make Time for Family with 30 Minute Play Solutions

Too often I hear, "I don't have time to play games."

To that I ask, "Can you make 30 minutes a day for your family?"

In just 30 minutes of game play you can:
  • reconnect with your family and/or friends
  • create fun, lasting memories
  • build essential life skills
  • enjoy meaningful conversations
  • experience family bonding
  • reinforce family values
  • strenthen relationships through healthy play
When searching for your own 30-minute play solutions, look for choices that have everything you need to play a complete game in one box or pouch. You don't want to waste time searching for those little add-ons, like a pencil and scoring pad. You should be able to just open the box, take a minute or two to read the quick rules, and begin playing a fun game.

Might I suggest checking out SimplyFun products. These games are just that: simple to learn and fun to play! I've found SimplyFun to offer the best solutions for 30 minute play. This is one of the many reasons I chose to become a SimplyFun games consultant. As a work-at-home-mom, I have lots of 30 minute blocks of time to play games with my family.

Check out this "Christmas in July" Sales Event going on right now. Watch demonstrations of many games on the web or attend a SimplyFun games party to experience these 30 minute play solutions first-hand.

Healthy play is essential for a successful, balanced and happy life. I invite you to rediscover the people who mean the most in your life and together take time to celebrate the importance of play each and every day. It only takes 30 minutes a day to fit game play into your busy schedule. Grab a game and play with your family!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here’s My Best Kept Secret that I’m Ready to Share with YOU...

Here's some great news about an offer I am able to extend to you for a limited time. As you may already know, I have been a member of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance for quite a while and I am excited about all of the benefits I receive that help me grow my direct selling business! I’ve gained new skills, strengthened my commitment to the profession, and feel a part of an international family of people who love helping others achieve their dreams.

The DSWA’s member website is rich with success resources, tips, articles and hundreds of archived tele-classes on topics related to growing a direct selling business. Are you curious yet? Check out the benefits of a DSWA membership now:

http://www.mydswa. org/membership/ 1dollar.html

Here’s the really great news…
As a part of the DSWA’s Join in June and July Membership Campaign the DSWA Founders, Nicki and Grace, are asking me to pass on a very special offer to you. When you join the DSWA during the months of June and July using my unique membership link below you will receive one additional month of membership at no charge! Please key my name -- Lynn Ewy -- in the "referred by" in the box on the $1 membership registration form to be sure you get this special added bonus. I’m so excited about this offer because I know a DSWA membership will have a positive impact on your business, too.

Now it’s up to you! Click on the link below to learn about becoming a DSWA member! Hurry! Time is running out as this $1 membership offer expires July 31, 2009.

http://www.mydswa. org/membership/ 1dollar.html

I look forward to hearing that you have made this investment in yourself and your business.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Work Your Plan – The 5 P’s that Turned Around My Home-Party Business (Part 2)

(Part 2 - This list is a continuation from the previous post.)

  1. Products: (mentioned in the previous post)

  2. Programs:
    Study the programs your company offers to your hosts, sponsoring leads, and new consultants. Those programs should also be duplicable.
    · First, I make a monthly appointment to update your contact list. Whether you do this on your computer or on note book paper, this is a valuable business tool. My contact list is a fundamental part of my business that constantly changes.
    · Next, I approach each new calendar month as if I were reliving my “launch” period over again. You know that time; it was during the first few weeks of your new business career when you had lots of enthusiasm, numerous parties dated and a growing support network. Even long after our “freshman year” as consultants, we can still repeat this process over and over each month. You can have the same experience by planning a “Lift Off” to get your business off to a good start each month. For me, my “Lift Off” objective is to submit two parties at least $400 each during the first 15 days of the month.
    · Third, I set a personal sales goal, which varies each month but I always strive to be somewhere on the top sellers list for my company. That way my team sees that I am working to achieve my own goals. Boast about your achievements! Put a hardcopy of the top sellers list, with your name highlighted, in a company Brag Book (a collection of news, announcements, reprints, etc. in a 3-ring binder). I even highlight all the names of those in my down-line of consultants who are also listed in each category on the top sellers list. At my parties I make a point to share my Brag Book with the host and guests. Leading by this example is the easiest way to find the brightest new consultants at our parties.

    CALL TO ACTION: Continuously update your contact lists, submit two $400 parties within first 15 days each month, and set an achievable monthly personal sales volume and strive to see your name on the top sellers list for your company.

  3. Purpose:
    Every direct sales home party company has a mission. Learn that mission and how it applies to you personally. When you find one with a mission in which you can believe, you’ll want to share it with everyone! About a year and a half into my career with my present company, I began living the mission. My son was old enough to take a genuine interest in our products. For me it is now personal. When I realized that the mission became personal, my approach to running my business, sharing the products, inviting people to join the programs, and everything else also changed. For you, it may become personal when you have first-hand play experience with your company’s products.

    CALL TO ACTION: Find within yourself what makes your company personal for you!

  4. People:
    Day in and day out with my direct sales home party business I have the privilege to work with so many wonderful people: those within the company, on my own team and among the growing customer base. Do yourself a favor and take time to get to know the persons in the company with whom you will be working. Attend training meetings, listen in on conference calls various levels in the organization. Make note of the new ideas you hear at the meetings and during conversations. Twist them to fit your personality and business mode of operation. That is what I’ve always done at when attending training.
    Another thing that helped with my approach is a suggestion by Ilene Meckley, a successful direct sales coach, who said, “no matter what you are offering, inviting people is much better than announcing it” to them. Once I began applying this advice, sharing what I have to offer with everyone became easier for me. After all I’ve been practicing for many years and now most of the time the right words seem to come naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I still need more practice as I apply what I have learned and find what works in certain situations with different people.

    CALL TO ACTION: Practice, practice, practice the right words to say in many different situations when you meet people both at and away from your parties. You will eventually perfect your own technique.

  5. Plan:
    It’s said that the most successful people in direct sales are those who are goal driven. Here is where I decided to plan my work then work my plan. Part of my new plan included setting achievable short-term and long-range goals for me and my family. It is with these goals in mind that I created my “Dream Board”. Almost two years ago now I collected images from magazines and catalogs to create a collage that visualizes what we as a family wanted to accomplish. Still today as I walk into my home office, my Dream Board is in my line of sight the minute I enter the room. This visual reminder is proof of what is to come and what I have already achieved thanks to my home-party business.

    CALL TO ACTION: Dream, brainstorm, then create a list of your business goals. Visualize your goals in the form of a Treasure Map, Dream Board, or Dream Book. Watch it change as you cross off tangible and intangible items just for doing your job as an independent representative for your company.

If you are considering a direct sales business opportunity, use these Five P’s to help you make the right choice when selecting a home party company that best suits your personality and needs. If you are already in a direct sales business and need a boost, following my example will take you to the next level.

My suggestions are not anything new for the veteran independent consultants but rather my own spin on how I managed to turn around my direct sales home-party business. You likely already know where your personal business needs improving.

I do “get up and go to work everyday.” And you can too. I do this by offering the products I represent to everyone, introducing the programs to my hosts and sponsoring leads, and bringing together a fabulous group of people to join my growing team. When you make it personal, the rewards are gratifying.

None of my successes would have been possible had I not set forth to plan my work then work my plan. Practice the right words to take your personal business to the next level. Follow my example and you too will gain confidence to realize your dreams.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Work Your Plan – The 5 P’s that Turned Around My Home-Party Business (Part 1)

Work-at-home business opportunities are all over the web and no doubt you are getting invites quite often to attend in-home party plan demonstrations. You hear little about many industries having as much success during these trying economic times. Direct sales continues to thrive in this economic climate and I'm a proud represent a company that is part of this industry!

Recently I heard a comment that 80% of the women earning $100,000 or more annual income are doing so with their own direct sales business. Though I’m still working to achieve a six figure annual income, I am proud to have experienced success as a work-at-home-mom in the direct sales home party industry.

For those of you reading this with an entrepreneurial spirit, any direct sales home party business is ideal because you can run it right alongside all the other things in your busy life. I know this to be true because I have a family, manage a home, work a part-time job outside the home, and also volunteer at my church and in the community. Yet I still regularly contribute to our family income with the profits I earn by owning a direct sales home party business.

Through the past 10 years I have owned three different direct sales party plan businesses. I always began each new adventure with high hopes. This last business opportunity was no exception. However, this time it’s working to my advantage and I am now making a profit. Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of hard work, determination, dedication and perseverance to get to a profitable income level.

Here’s how I was able to make my direct sales home-party business a success story…

At a company leadership meeting about a year and a half ago, I experienced an attitude adjustment. That was when I made a decision to “get up and go to work everyday.” What that means is I make a point to do something to help me grow my home-party business each and everyday. My day isn't complete until I make personal contact with at least six people. If I’m at a party, my success rate is much higher! It is when making these contacts that I encourage everyone to take advantage of the many different services I have to offer. This attitude adjustment and a busy schedule empowers me to “get up and go to work everyday.”

Through the years, I’ve learned that there are Five P’s to running my direct sales business. It wasn’t until that revelation in March of 2008 that I began approaching my personal business with these five P’s in mind:

  • Products
  • Programs
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Plan

Listed here are more details and examples for applying the Five P’s to aid with your start-up or help you turn around your existing direct sales home-party business.

  1. Products: Of course, I’m referring to the collections of items your company has to offer. You must first enjoy the products you represent and show some degree of passion when you demonstrate the collection. You can’t expect to place the products into the hands of your customers if you yourself are not willing to use them. With that in mind, I’ve always found more success when you are able to genuinely “romance” the products you represent at your parties and events. In direct sales, to romance something is to enthusiastically demonstrate the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “how” of a particular item. Romancing your products boosts your own personal sales, helps your host increase his or her party rewards, and allows you to date more future bookings. Your goal is to eventually have everyone begging for your products.

    CALL TO ACTION: If you don't already have any one particular direct sales company in mind, search for one with products you are passionate about presenting. Chances are you are already a repeat customer for such a company. Then get to know your company’s products and find the words that make it comfortable for you to “romance” the items you put on display at your parties.

(Tomorrow this list continues with Part 2... )

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Independence Day Celebration

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You absolutely need Walk the Dogs, Sneaks, Tunebaya, Eye to Eye, Farkel or some Take Your Pick games. We L-O-V-E Woodchuck, a fun yard game!

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Parenting Tips for Felt Board Story Telling

Children of all ages enjoy to tell stories and let their imaginations flow. They love it even more when their parents create the adventures, especially when the audience members are the stars of the story. Little girls fantasize about being a fairy or princess and boys imagine being a swashbuckling pirate, cowboy or super hero.

Even Hollywood recognized the importance of imaginary story telling. That is why Bedtime Stories, starring Adam Sandler and Keri Russell, is such a hit with families. However, you don't have to produce a motion picture to tell your story.

A great creative way to tell a story is to incorporate a felt or flannel story board. There are many online education resources where you can purchase a ready-made story board with accessories or you can create your own as a fun family craft project with a purpose.

Once you have your felt board, here are some tips for you as a parent. Try to remember and implement these suggestions when you are story telling with your felt board:
  1. Before you begin your felt adventure, arrange the necessary pieces face up in the correct order for the story.
  2. Decide in advance when and where to place each felt piece. Your painting of the adventure with felt pieces will flow more naturally.
  3. Create a friendly atmosphere by having your audience sit close to you.
  4. Sit or stand to one side of the board, with the felt items on your lap.
  5. As you tell the adventure, look into the faces of your audience to make the felt board characters come alive.
  6. Once the figures in place, move them as little as possible. Spend most of your time telling the adventure and occasionally add, move, remove or point to a felt item.
  7. Give your audience an opportunity to make their own adventure by telling another story or mixing up the ending.
  8. Relax. Smile. Enjoy telling stories. Display genuine pleasure and enthusiasm. All the while conveying a positive message to your audience.
In our home we use Tibbar's Everyday Felt Adventures as our story board of choice. This all-in-one felt story board features 88 full-color felt pieces and three story scenes in a grab-n-go case. We take Tibbar and friends around the world, creating fantastic adventures along the way!

If Tibbar's Everyday Felt Adventures is an item of interst to you, please order it through this Independence Day Celebration link. Manga Manga is FREE with a $50 purchase made before June 30 through this link. You're sure to have Tibbar's Everyday Felt Adventures and all the other items you purchase in hand before your 4th of July picnic, BBQ, or fun family gathering.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doing the Impossible

Have you ever been challenged with a seemingly impossible task?

When I'm faced with a challenge whether in business or in my personal life I recall an inspiring quote:

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Saint Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teaching a Child the Alphabet

It's been a while since I was a child--over forty years ago! As I think back to my early childhood education, I really don't remember how I initially learned my ABC's. What I do recall vividly are the cursive penmanship lessons in second grade, but I must have already known my alphabet to have completed those lessons.

Now that I have a preschooler of my own, I want him to learn his alphabet this summer so it's fresh when he starts his Pre-K class. He already knows the capital letters. Learning the lower case alphabet is not as easy. In a child's mind sometimes a 'd' and 'b' look the alike. Same goes for the 'p' and 'q'.

So, if a child isn't yet writing, how do you go about teaching the lowercase alphabet to a preschooler? To find the answer I put on my thinking (research) cap and began combing the Internet for suggestions.

Low and behold, I found a wide selection of ideas that are both fun for the child and educational for my peace of mind. There are three ways I can tackle this summer lesson plan:
1. Set him in front of a PC and run a software application, such as Let's Learn ABC
2. Show flash cards or read books, such as Dr. Suess's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book
3. Use a puzzle, like Huey Learning Puzzle

Well, as you can imagine, I chose the most interactive lesson from among these three choices. The one that incorporates family fun and games! The Huey Learning Puzzle allows me and my son an interactive learning experience. Not only is he identifying the lowercase letters, but he's matching them to the capital letter also printed on the puzzle. Each lower case alphabet character is a different puzzle shape so he quickly learned that the lowercase 'd' will not fit in the 'b' spot.

In addition to the alphabet, Huey also teaches colors and counting. Each of Huey's shoes is a different hue. The lady bugs in the scene are numbered 1-10 for counting. Three concepts in one puzzle! I've hit a gold mine for a solid wood puzzle at only $12!!

Now that he's on the verge of spelling 3 and 4 letter words, the Huey puzzle makes a great spelling game, too. One puzzle, unlimited fun learning possibilities!