Monday, October 5, 2009

What Will You Be for Halloween?

As direct sales/party plan business owners, we all wear different “hats” in our businesses: Consultant, Leader, Salesperson, Teacher, etc. So this Halloween season, to have a little fun, do the TWIST and look at the kind of costumes you can wear to add more sweet successes and juicy profits to your business:


Be a Witch by asking customers:

  • Witch date do you want?
  • Witch product did you like the best?
  • Witch host gift do you want at your house?
  • Witch of my company benefits appeal to you most?
  • Witch payment plan works best for you - retail, wholesale


Let your customers know:

  • Owl call you back when you ask
  • Owl give product demonstrations to educate and entertain your friends
  • Owl work with you to have the best home party you’ve ever had
  • Owl show you how you can make money, not just qualify for gifts
  • Owl provide an extra service to you by mailing written invitations to your party


  • Cat you see how lucky you are to have me as a Consultant?
  • Cat you host a holiday party?
  • Cat you come to a BOO (Business Opportunity/Ownership) meeting with me?
  • Cat you bring a guest to the party?
  • Cat you increase your paycheck anytime you want to?

Spider Web

  • Web's be business partners
  • Web’s schedule a party for Halloween
  • Web’s get a head start on holiday shopping

Don’t be spooked when it comes to talking to your customers! Connect with them and explain the treats you offer at your home parties! Get out and HOWL about what people will WIN when they book a party with you.


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