Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gather Your Family and Join National Family Game Night on September 23

Each year I discover there are designated days to celebrate some of our favorite things. Most of us can recall any number of the national holidays as declared by an act of congress (Presidents Day, third Monday in February) or those made famous by the card companies (Grandparents Day, September 13). Did you know there is a National Pancake Day (February 24)? Ever hear of National Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day (October 14)? Tell the truth... Were you aware there is a National Honesty Day (April 30)?

The one lesser-known holiday that we will celebrate in our home next week is National Family Game Night. I’ve put a big party sticker on our master calendar where Wednesday, September 23, appears. This is a firm date for me, MDH, and our preschooler. We’ll turn off the television, play some fun party music, have homemade pizza and soda (a seldom-enjoyed beverage treat). I think we may even enjoy ice cream in waffle cones; by far the most requested dessert in our house.

After dinner, each of us will choose one or two of our favorite games to play. We have a large selection of board games, card games, party games, educational games – some are American classics (Monopoly), some are brand new (Picky Sticks). If I were to count, my guess is that we have over 100 games and other fun family activities from which to choose for our family game nights. All of our game choices are a lot of fun to play or they wouldn't be in our collection. In fact, most are 30-minute play solutions so it's quick, too! You probably have your own vault of family games. So take a few out and dust them off. If you want suggestions of our favorites, just ask. I'll send you a list.

You can enjoy your own family game night with or without a national holiday. Start your own family tradition with National Family Game Night on September 23. Then revisit the concept next week, or next month, and so on. Pick the frequency best suited for your family's schedule and make it a new habit to reconnect with the people you care most about through family game time!

Get on the phone, send out invitations, and gather the entire family together for National Family Game Night. Join in on the fun with us and the rest of the nation. After you experience your first National Family Game Night, tell us your stories. I’d love to hear about how you are enjoying game time with your loved ones.

Go play!

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